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Poles Blew Rakvere Castle Up

The castle was blown up by Poles. It has lain in ruins ever since. A family quarrel in the House of Vasa. Sigismund, the Catholic King of Poland and Sweden, quarrelling with his Lutheran uncle, Duke Charles, the Regent of Sweden. The quarrel ended in the destruction of Rakvere Castle.

In 1559, a civil war broke out between Sigismund, the Catholic King of Poland and Sweden, and his Lutheran uncle Charles, the regent of Sweden.

In 1600, Northern Estonia and Rakvere Castle fell under Charles’ troops, but already in 1602, Poles conquered Rakvere.

In the summer of 1605, Swedes reconquered Rakvere. Before leaving the castle, the Polish troops caused serious damage to the walls and towers of the castle. The castle was finally blasted by the victorious Swedes. In 1635, the castle was removed from the list of fortresses and from that time onward, belonged to Rakvere Manor.

Poolakad lasid Rakvere linnuse õhku