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Rakvere castle day schedule 16th august – 31th august


Monday to sunday

10.00 Opening the gates

11.00 Lovepotion at the wishing well

12.00 Cannon shooting in frontyard

13.00 Bow shooting contest in frontyard

14.00 Games in frontyard

15.00 Schenkenberg lottery

16.00 Cannon shooting in frontyard

17.00 Lovepotion at the wishing well

18.00 Closing the gates

Every half hour 10.30-17.30 :

torture chamber, death room and hell;

introduction of swords in the chapterhouse;

coin making in the smithy.

Every full hour 11.00-17.00 :

chamber of science;

barber and the brothel;

archery in frontyard.

Wednesday to sunday

12.15 Swordfight in convent

13.15 Educational play „Sword story“ in convent

14.15 Puppetshow in frontyard

15.15 Swordfight in convent

Horse or donkey riding in frontyard 12.00-14.00 and 15.00-17.00